Other programmes


CarolLiteracy Health-Checks

A full health-check can include:

  • data analysis
  • review of teaching and learning across the school
  • review of the literacy learning environment
  • policy reviews
  • planning for intervention programmes
  • sampling planning
  • resources
  • staff CPD needs

Subject Leader Development and Support

Support can be provided on:

  • audit and data analysis
  • action planning linked to the school development plan
  • monitoring literacy
    • lesson observations
    • supporting staff development through effective feedback
    • planning scrutiny
    • sampling children's writing and reading, leading to whole school development
  • policy writing
  • assessing writing /reading

Contextualised Learning and Planning Support

Contextualised Learning for literacy is way of planning for meaningful reading, writing, speaking and listening learning experiences which are linked across focus areas of the curriculum. Rather than seeing literacy simply as a set of skills to be taught in a de-contextualised manner, this support aims to support teachers in optimising links with other subjects and developing exciting and stimulating thematic approaches.

A typical outcome of this support is a personalised outline medium term plan and a clear long term overview for the year. This support works best when a whole year group is able to plan together.