Project Management


School Network Communication Language and Literacy Project Management

Increasingly it makes sense for schools to work together on issues of school improvement within their locality. In this way they can pool school resources, expertise and, more importantly, share good practice and learn from each other.

Having worked as a project manager with schools on many occasions, I believe this approach to be highly effective.

An example of this is an extremely successful two year project working with schools in Bradford on Storytelling and Storymaking with Pie Corbett.

A typical range of functions that could be included is:

  • planning and review sessions with headteachers
  • development sessions with subject managers
  • teaching and learning sessions with teachers
  • joint training sessions

Local Authority Language and Literacy Project Management
and Training

Both as a Primary Strategy Senior Literacy Consultant in a Local Authority and more recently as an independent consultant, I have had many years experience of designing and developing training programmes, conferences and projects for communication, language and literacy.

A recent example of a project researched and designed for a Local Authority is the 'Language for Learning' Programme. This multi-strand programme focuses on improving the quality of 'talk for learning' in the classroom by providing training and ongoing network support for teachers and in-school advice and consultancy. It brings together some of the country's leading experts in the field.