All of the training sessions listed below will be adapted to your own individual school's needs and can be delivered as whole days or a series of sessions.

  • Improving boys' literacy
  • Contextualised learning and creative literacy
  • Talk for Writing
  • Teaching sentence level work
  • Addressing gaps in phonic knowledge in KS2
  • Teaching communication, language and literacy in the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Teaching Phonics
  • Guided Reading and Writing
  • Talk for Learning
  • Teaching narrative / non-fiction writing
  • Assessing and teaching reading
  • Teaching spelling
  • Building a reading school
  • Intervention programme training
  • Assessment for learning in literacy
  • Using film, sound and media to support the teaching of writing
  • Improving writing
  • Working with children with EAL needs


'How To...' Courses

How To...' courses are full day sessions which aim to equip participants with both the understanding of what they need to do, why they are employing a particular strategy or approach and how to do it! A typical session will include both essential theory and practical suggestions and ideas.

  • Phonics in the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1
  • Teaching phonics and spelling in Y3 and Y4
  • What's good for the boys...
  • How to teach comprehension